Survey on capacity and output of cotton spinning enterprises

Editor:桐乡市鑫宝莱纺织有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-12-14 

Development and Reform Commissions of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities with separate plans and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

With the rapid development of the cotton spinning industry in recent years, the production capacity and regional layout of enterprises have undergone major changes. In order to further improve cotton import management and do relevant basic work, local organizations are required to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the situation of cotton spinning enterprises. Look at the bottom. The relevant notice of the request is as follows:

First, the company self-reported. The scope of the survey is the cotton spinning enterprises of all provinces and cities with more than 50,000 ingots (including those that have not applied for quotas). Please inform the company to report the current production capacity, the yarn production in the past three years and the import quota of processing trade (if any), and fill out the "Investigation Table of Cotton Textile Enterprises" (attached).

Second, the city and county verification. The city (county) development and reform committee will be arranged with the local labor letters, textiles offices (associations), statistics bureaus and other departments and units to verify the self-reported situation of the enterprises, and endorse the review opinions and stamp on the "cotton textile enterprise situation questionnaire" Development and Reform Commission. Verification requirements: (1) Capacity. The city (county) development and reform commission shall go to the relevant departments and units to verify the on-site inspection, and the production capacity of the on-site number of spindles shall prevail (the production capacity of the parent and subsidiary companies and branches shall be separately counted and shall not be summarized in general). (2) Yarn production. The company's yarn output based on the statistics of the local statistical bureau shall prevail. (3) The use of import quotas for processing trade. Calculated according to the total number of uses registered on the quota certificate actually used and written off by the enterprise.

Third, provincial-level spot checks. In order to ensure the true and accurate survey data, after the city and county report on the enterprise situation report, the provincial development and reform commissions must conduct random checks on the company's situation with relevant departments and units, and the proportion of spot checks shall not be less than 20% of the number of entrepreneurs in each city. Spot check request and verification

Fourth, summary reporting. After the spot check, the provincial development and reform commissions are invited to summarize the company's situation, fill out the "summary list of cotton textile enterprises" (attached), together with the "cotton textile enterprise situation questionnaire" signed and sealed, and officially signed before September 15 The text is submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission (Ministry of Economics and Trade).

V. Relevant requirements. All localities are highly valued for the investigation and mapping work, and designated personnel are responsible. We must do a good job in organizing and coordinating work, mobilize the enthusiasm of relevant units, participate in it, and strictly control to ensure that the situation is true and reliable.