"The warmth" is also more "knowledge new": Silk Museum inherits silk culture

Editor:桐乡市鑫宝莱纺织有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-12-14 

As one of China's national quintessence, silk records the development track of China's textile industry. The mulberry and silkworm have been stretched for more than 5,000 years. Today, silk is still the most excellent textile fiber material, and it is called the “fiber queen”. The finishing, collection and protection of silk has become an important part of demonstrating China's soft power.

The brilliance of silk today cannot be separated from the record of silk yesterday. In this regard, the China Silk Museum has done a lot of work and contributed to it.

In the past 20 years, the China Silk Museum has done a lot of fruitful work in excavating the essence of Chinese silk culture and saving Chinese silk artifacts. It has won extensive respect and praise from the industry. The reporter participated in the 20th Anniversary of the China Silk Museum. The most impressive thing was the museum's great achievements in protecting and repairing silk artifacts. Most of the ancient silk fabrics unearthed have been damaged. It is a time-consuming and expensive thing to restore the original appearance of the cultural relics.

According to reports, repairing an ancient silk garment takes three to five people to complete. This work is based on scientific protection, using advanced instruments and superb technology to achieve the restoration and protection of ancient silk artifacts. This is a systematic system engineering. To this end, the China Silk Museum has invested millions of dollars to purchase internationally advanced spectrum analyzers, infrared scanners, liquid chromatographs and other equipment, and trained a group of professional cultural relics and embroidery workers. Under their daring and darning, one piece of silk national treasure that shines on the ancient Chinese silk civilization is presented to us. When talking about the development goals of the museum for the next five years, curator Zhao Feng said that the China Silk Museum has become one of the national first-class museums. In the future, they will redouble their efforts to make the Silk Museum a domestic first-class, internationally renowned museum of textiles and clothing with silk characteristics.

The protection of silk civilization is to serve today. Following the fashion retrospective exhibition last year, this year, the “Cross-2012 Fashion Retrospective” event was held. They collected award-winning or original works by top domestic fashion designers and showed the development of today's silk apparel. Changes. A silk clothing work by Professor Jiang Yuxiang of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, named "40 or 20 money", Jiang Yuxiang told reporters that the overall weight of this garment is 250 grams, which is converted into Chinese units of five or two. The nano-metal material is coated. Due to the good alloying material, the fabric can exhibit different color effects under different environments and light, and has waterproof and anti-static effects. The design is unique in style and can be worn in five different combinations. This clothing exhibition will be donated to the Silk Museum and become another treasure of the collection. Collect today, for tomorrow. Through such a move, the China Silk Museum has enriched its collections. In 2012, the collection of the museum has reached more than 23,000 pieces.

Recently, the China Silk Museum and the National Museum of the Palace Museum signed an agreement on “Technical Guidance and Project Supervision for the Protection and Restoration of Silk Fabrics in Qianlong Garden”, and signed a cooperation agreement with the National Library of Australia Susan Whitfield on the textiles of the IDP National Dunhuang Project. Boston University signed an agreement on the study of dyes from the Silk Road. The signing of this series of agreements is completed, marking the implementation of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the museum has begun. Silk today is like a beautiful, mature woman, and the style is still charming. Recently, the “2012 National Silk Innovation Product Promotion Activity” sponsored by the China Silk Association and co-organized by some provincial and municipal silk associations and silkworm silk branch was in the process of collecting new silk products. The use of new raw materials, new processes, new technologies, innovative products in terms of creativity and design will be the main targets of this event. It is understood that the products collected by this activity, including the products of the enterprise titled “China Well-known Trademark”, have obtained the products of the “High-grade Silk Mark” authorized enterprise, and have obtained the title of “Quality, Well-known Trademark” and other products at the provincial and municipal level or above. Products that have been certified by new products, as well as products that have received international quality awards or direct foreign praise.

We have reason to believe that through this creative activity, China's silk industry will be able to promote silk companies to upgrade their technology and create silk brands to make silk products more competitive in the market. The reporter can't help but imagine that these new silk products that have been collected will not only be promoted in the industry, but also let it play a greater role. Let's put them in the China Silk Museum for further exhibitions and introductions, so that yesterday's silks are more colorful and colorful today.